About us

Tianchang Tongguanwu wind power machine Co. Ltd., is a research and development, production and sales of professional, non powered fan manufacturers. The company is located in 205 State Road between Nanjing and Yangzhou, located in the provincial high-tech economic and Technological Industrial Park, convenient transportation.
"Tongguan" has a skilled and extraordinary service team. All front-line skilled workers skilled, strong sense of quality. The company strictly enforce the ISO9000 quality management system, has consistently implemented the "quality of life", "credibility as the fundamental" and "service based" concept.
"Tongguan" natural ventilation and no power fan, smoke skylight, clearstory and other products, has been a number of design units and large enterprises to develop products.
The company was founded in 1995, the registered capital of 2 million, after ten years of development, the total assets amounted to 50 million, 2011 "Tongguan" trademark famous trademark in Anhui province honorary title, and is the only one to have the right to import and export of professional ventilator manufacturer, at the same time cooperation with many colleges and universities, and constantly improve product quality product process, natural ventilation, existing products, non powered fan, smoke skylight, clerestory, can adapt to different environment; in addition, the "no fan power solar assisted system" has been patented, "crown" for the same industry famous brand products, sold around the world, the annual export volume of Russia, Australia, India, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, United States, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries.
High quality service is the promise of high quality products is the Tongguan Tongguan purpose!

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