Classification and function of smoke exhaust skylight

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Arch: the maximum opening angle of 45 degrees, is mainly used for regular on-off ventilation of buildings, the biggest feature is the heat preservation effect is very good, but also to ask the performance is also very good, is one of the most common way of skylight.
A: the maximum opening angle of 60 degrees 90 degrees, used for industrial construction, lighting and ventilation in the above can be able to do the best to reflect, but also be able to use as a fire smoke, but also a very good.
Safe type: the maximum opening angle of 30 degrees, suitable for any weather conditions need to exhaust ventilation buildings, can avoid the rainy and snowy phenomenon.
Side open type: the maximum opening angle of 45 degrees, use in industrial buildings, the general ventilation requirements of opening in the use side 6 meters of the roof is the most appropriate.
Can see is smoke skylight in different types and scope of use are different, so in the understanding of smoke skylight must be more understanding, so that it can fully realize the skylight.

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